Writing Motivational Statements

Motivational Statements as Essential Factors in Applications

Motivational statements are crucial part in academic writings, applications and a great source of inspiration and guidance to your readers. Writing motivational statement is an opportunity for you to discuss personal events in your life that influenced you to strive hard in academic or professional pursuit. Remember that a motivational statement is widely used by many admission committees in order to assess the applicant’s ability to showcase their strengths and personalities. This should be able to answer key questions and allow your readers to get a preview of your experiences that changed your life and how you dealt with it in order to overcome any struggles.

Reflect Core Values and Personalities with Quality Motivation Statement

In motivation statements, you should discuss your reasons in applying for the specific program or job. Do not forget to include your goals and relevant contribution to the program in attaining development and success.  More than anything the committee would like to know that you can be a great addition to their academic or professional community hence the need for a well written and high quality motivation statement. When writing motivational statement, do not try to imitate anyone; simply being yourself will enable you to reflect core values that will make you a unique candidate.

Writing a Motivational Statement to Measure your Genuine Interest

Motivational statements are essential tools which are utilized by the admission committee to measure your desire and genuine interest towards the program. Motivation statements are not literary assignments; whilst this need proper usage of words and grammar, every word should come from emotional reasons and not load it with generic testimonies. When writing your motivational statements, always consider what your readers want to read; more than anything you should attract the readers using only your words so choose carefully the experiences you want to share.