Writing a Good MBA Statement of Intent

MBA statement of intent must be amazing in order to be selected. The MBA committee looks for applicants who have rounded personalities. In other words, the committee is not only seeking for good leaders but they are seeking for someone who can be a good team player.

A person who has these skills will be surely getting the chance to be selected most especially if they have a good statement of intent. With that in mind, it is necessary that you clearly demonstrate what qualities you have.

Knock down Other Applicants with Effective MBA Statement of Intent Tips

What’s with you: When you make your statement, you must first analyze yourself. What did you gain in the past? What achievements you had? After you know all information you need to analyze, write them down. Also, you must include the needed components in your statement such as:

  • Professional achievements
  • Personal and professional experience
  • Career aspirations.

Application story: If you want to include stories in your MBA letter of intent, you can do so but be sure it’s all about you. The common mistakes of applicants are that they mention things that they think the committee would love to read but you need not to follow what they are doing instead just focus on mentioning about the biggest accomplishment you had and how did you get it. You can make yourself stand out among others if you provide information that is not common.

Good record: Of course committee would like to accept a student with good records. In this case, show them what you’ve got. Identify what contributions you do or perhaps you can have a description of your professional experience. Discuss your responsibilities, skills and roles. If you feel your GPA could be higher, writing a supporting statement could help you fix the situation.

Characteristics: The committee understands that you are not perfect and there are areas you are not good at. On the other hand, they look at skills that set you from others. They look how well you present yourself to them and what made you different from others.

Ultimately, nobody’s perfect and each person have different qualities and skills they can showcase to the others. With this, it is important to know yourself well and spend time how will you going to present your statement of intent tremendously. You do not need to rush things in making your MBA statement of intent.

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