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academic letter of intentWhat Is an Academic Letter of Intent?

An academic letter of intent is much like a personal statement: it is your expression of interest in being accepted by a particular school, college or university. However, a crucial different is that the emphasis is on what you intend to do rather than your “personal history”. As part of the application process, it could arguably be called the most important factor when it comes to the decision making process. The reason for this is that there is too much general information about you and other applicants available. Many applicants will have similar academic backgrounds and grades and your letter of intent is your only opportunity to show your personality and sell yourself. Therefore, a well written academic letter of intent is vital if you want to stand out from all other applicants and be accepted.

Our Letter of Intent Writing Guarantees:

  • proper formatting according to your preferences
  • writing style tailored to the purpose of your LoI
  • you will review first draft in advance
  • we work until you are satisfied with the final draft

Writing Your Academic Letter of Intent

If you are wondering how to write a letter of intent then you may wish to consider searching the internet to find an academic letter of intent sample. But when you browse through the multitude of academic letter of intent examples you will quickly see that this letter is a very personally based letter and not something that you can throw together using a standard formula. To have a winning academic letter of intent, you have to fully understand the institution to which you are applying and you have to know how to impress the reader with your writing skills.

A letter of intent has to be able to catch the admissions committee’s attention so that they read your work it remains memorable and remarkable. A letter that reads the same as every other letter or contains over-used clichés or states the obvious is going to get you overlooked. Therefore you should consider using a professional to write your letter of intent. Academic applications are vitally important to your entire future career so do not take a chance! Get in touch with us to write your letter!

How We Will Write You a Winning Letter of Intent

Our writers are all highly qualified and very experienced. Your writer will have a higher degree in the subject area in which you wish to study and will have a full understanding of the requirements of the institution to which you wish to apply. They will be able to take your information and turn it into a highly focused academic letter of intent that will flow perfectly from start to finish. Your letter will meet all the requirements of your chosen college, giving you the maximum chances of being accepted!