What Letter of Intent Format Should I Use?

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There are many reasons for which you may need to write a letter of intent:

  • Leasing an apartment or business office
  • Forming a new business venture or proposing a deal
  • Proposing a purchase to an unannounced property listing
  • Submission as part of a college/university application
  • Research grant funding

Typically a business letter of intent is a brief description your terms, conditions and intentions. It is viewed in terms of its commitment and judged not only by its merits but by the effort put into creating it. A letter of intent can be considered binding when you write it as a non-disclosure agreement or the agreement to cease negotiations with other interested parties. The purpose is to avoid any notion or consideration of your letter as legally binding. In university applications, a letter of intent can be an expression of what career goals you wish to achieve and what you want to do while attending an educational institution. We can provide you with essential tips, suggestions and critiques to help you write your letter.


How to Format a Letter of Intent

One of the most effective ways to write a letter of intent is to find a standard letter of intent format online that suites the intended purpose. A quick online search will provide you with many possible options/samples to experiment with the format of a letter of intent. However, you may still be left wondering what format for a letter of intent to use when confronted with a myriad of different templates, formats and styles. For a general and simple letter of intent which carries minimal risk (such as in business matters) it will not matter which format you use as long as it is written formally and you cover the main points either specified or indirectly implied. If the purposes are more salient and there is not too much at stake it might not matter if you use a letter of intent format sample as a template, but always be careful about the content.

Theletter of intent format can be less important than the actual content, which must clearly define your goals, intentions and motivating factors. For some organizations and businesses you may be required to write in a specific format such as those applicable to academic and grant applications. In these cases always follow the specified requirements.