Using a Sample Letter of Intent

What Is a Letter of Intent and why Do I Need One?

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Sample of Letter of Intent

In business and when making other complicated lengthy transactions it may not be possible to quickly go from verbally discussing something to the contract stage. Imagine if you wanted to buy a business; you would have to do your due diligence and check that everything was as it was described to you to ensure that you did not put your money into something that is going to cause you problems. This investigation may take some time so the other interested parties may want you to make a formal commitment to making this purchase, even if it is dependent on the results of your due diligence. You will also want the company to cease negations with other interested parties so that you know that you are not going to be wasting your time and effort. Your letter of intent provides this commitment as most people would be unwilling to put something in writing if they were not seriously pursuing that course of action. This allows the other party to continue with some confidence as well as reassuring other third parties such as a bank that it is safe to move forward.


Where Can You Find a Sample of a Letter of Intent?

 One of the easiest ways to write a letter of intent is to follow a sample letter of intent. Sample letters of intent will provide you with the format that you need to write in as well as giving you some guidance as to what sort of content should be included. Letter of intent samples however will vary considerably depending on the subject; a letter of intent sample for leasing a business unit will be very different in format and content to a sample letter of intent for business acquisitions. Letters of intent samples should be viewed very much as guidance only and you should take great care in copying any portion of a sample letter of intent.

Wrongly worded letters of intent or letters that can very easily be translated to a full contract because of their content can be construed as being binding, some samples of letter of intent online will cause you to potentially have a binding letter of intent if you copy them. Use samples of letters of intent with great care and if the deal is large or there are any possibilities of later problems have them written by a professional.

In any case; if you do not have experience in writing a letter of intent or are confused or worried about using a sample of letter of intent come to a service such as ours.

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