Top 5 Approaches for Writing a Vendor Solicitation Letter

vendor solicitation letter

A vendor solicitation letter is written by individual request to a vendor asking to donate funds or to give any contributions for noble cause or for purpose of charitable reason. The letter should be formal and persuade the vendor in making the donation. In writing, it should have the important headings such as the name of the sender, receiver and other things. You need to address effectively why you are asking for the donation and where it will be use.

vendor solicitation letterWhat Should Letters to Vendors Must Have

If you are assigned to write the letter, you need to inform the person why you are seeking for funds. If it will be used for certain event, you need to provide the date and the time. You also need to offer its benefits and what things you will purchase if you decide to buy. You need to write requesting certain funds. Do not forget to thank them for the money or contributions they give because it is a big help for your organization. You can also invite them to attend the event you are planning to do for them to see where there money goes.

letters to vendorsTips in Writing Vendor Solicitation Letter

  1. Use I and You: Forget about writing press releases because you will not use it in the letter instead you need to use the word “I” and “You”. Using it give human interest and it is more powerful way in engaging your reader.

  2. Benefits and not needs: Provide the benefits that it gives to you and not about the needs. Tell to the donor what they can get to the donation they give.

  3. Ask money and not support: Be specific and explicit in asking money. If you need funds, then ask for money in a good manner and not for a support. Do not be shy as well as being vague.

  4. Write a package: Think on how you can persuade the donors by using symbols, theme, typefaces and colors. Your package must need to be accessible and memorable.

  5. Straightforward and simple English: Your words should be short, punchy and powerful.

There you have it the things you need to know in creating a solicitation letter. Try to make a research when you still need more information.

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