Simple Steps in Writing a Letter of Research Interest

It is common that you need to make letter of research interest if you are applying. On the other hand, you need to be serious in making your letter most especially if you want to get the position you are dreaming of.

In writing your letter of research interest, you must thoroughly provide an explanation of all the things that made you the best person. You must clearly elaborate why you want research. Provide them information on what you want to do in the future.

Writing Your Statement of Research Intent

  • It is expected that you will answer questions like:

What you are doing recently and currently?

What direction you want to take?

How your research can contribute to the institution?

  • When you write your statement of research intent, make sure you include information about your area of specialty, academic ability and consistency in doing great research.
  • Make sure you provide a context why research matter to you.
  • Make sure you clearly communicate to the institution that you have a different, innovative and informative letter of interest.

Focus of Your Statement of Research Intent

You can convince the person reading your paper when you include information about your specific goals. Give an outline or summary on how you will do your best to help the institution.

Bring out all your best when you start to make your letter. You will be only accepted when you ensure that you provide the reader tremendous letter of interest. Take time and plan what additional information you need to put.

Apart from this, you can make more effective letter of interest when you:

  • Use headings, white space and bullets.
  • Avoid using long paragraphs.
  • Get feedbacks from other people regarding your letter.
  • When you do proofreading.

Whatever move you want to take in writing a letter of intent, just always bear in mind that it is one of the important requirements that needed focus. You should make sure that every detail you put in your letter of research interest is related to what you are applying for.