Secrets of Successful Solicitation Letter for Sponsorship: How to Start

sample of solicitation letter for sponsorship

Solicitation letter for sponsorship is use in asking for donations that have the same mission with your company. The purpose is to gather soliciting potential sponsors about certain event that needed to be funded. If you are planning to run a charity, throw an annual party, starting training program or other things, solicitation letters are your tool to attract a help. It must need to be concise and pointed which contain all details about your recipient.


Structure of Solicitation Letter for Sponsorship

In wrisolicitation letter for sponsorshipting, the solicitation letter should talk about your company, its mission and vision. You need to show what your interests are so that the sponsors would know what you want to happen and why you are asking for help. You also need to provide details about the event. You need to identify the goals of the letter. You should have a comprehensive list of the applicable entities to which you send the letter. Outlining pertinent details is necessary. To have the best response, you need to write specific references to the sponsor you’re seeking. It should include the time and date of the project or event as well as tasks required. It must need to exactly ask for price quote from the sponsor.

Tips in Writing Solicitation Letter for Sponsorship

  • Tips in Writing Solicitation Letter for SponsorshipBrainstorm: Identify your company’s mission and use keywords that hold the same ideals that support your company or organization. The time you know what type of sponsor you are seeking, start searching for private organizations and corporations.

  • Create an outline: Make an outline for points that you will cover when soliciting potential sponsors.

  • Research: Make a research about the organization on who is the responsible in reading as well as responding to the letter. Start it with professional greeting.

  • Goals: Highlight the goals of your organization and focus on 2 or 3 specific details where your sponsor’s work. Mentioning recent achievement is a help.

  • Opportunity: You need to give the potential sponsor an opportunity in offering your assistance.

  • Closing: Close the letter with simple farewell.

Try to check out sample solicitation letter for sponsorship to know what still information you need to include in your paper.

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