Sample Letter of Intent for Job

Letter of Intent for a JobPeople who are looking for a sample letter of intent for job might be in a tough spot. Sometimes employers are looking for something fun and impersonal when they read a sample letter of intent for job. On the other hand, there are those who clearly want business material. Of course, there are many shades of gray in between so it can be incredibly hard to decide how to tackle a letter of intent for a job application. Professional writers are always ready to make the call if it’s too close to really tell otherwise.

A sample letter of intent for job

I have something of a unique background in film that I know would be helpful to anyone in the industry. My degree in film is something that I’ve longed to use. While my last position was in an unrelated field, I was actually able to turn that around and refocus it on my core career goals. Since I’ve always wanted to work in the field of video productions as it applies to personnel training, I knew that I would need to work my way up the ladder and pay my dues.

Every time the opportunity arose, I was able to suggest a way that we could use video presentations to make employee education easier on the staff. My previous office was understaffed, so there were always opportunities to do just that. However, it was the menial job that I did before that which really gave me the ability to work in this field.

No job is ever truly menial. Every position needs to be filled by someone, and I worked at a local video rental store for several years before I finished my degree and made it into the professional world. To some people this might seem abhorrent. To me, however, it was an opportunity to surround myself with film. I adored the ability to be constantly working with motion picture.

Being in an environment like that, I was always able to see how certain directors and producers had handled footage. Of course, I have no dreams of shooting dramas, but there are many similarities between film making and producing training videos for workplaces. People need to perform roles when they’re working in a regular environment, and I’ve learned how to seamlessly adapt this to footage. I know that I would be able to take these experiences and turn them into useful skills in your business structure.

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