Sample Letter of Intent for Graduate School

Graduate School Letter of IntentVarious students will end up ordering a letter of intent for graduate school. In fact, some students without a sample letter of intent for graduate school should probably have actually opted for one. By checking a graduate school letter of intent sample, students can be sure that they know what they’re supposed to do for a prompt. Some sample letter of intent for graduate school sheets end up reading more like an essay than an actual letter. This is one of the top reasons that professional writers are so in demand for these tasks. It’s just like asking for help with an admissions essay.

 A sample letter of intent for graduate school

Everyone has a childish dream at one point. I never figured that I would be using my technology skills to gain an advanced degree in mathematics. Instead, I always assumed that I would spend my adult life developing video games. After playing platformers in my earliest days, I started to plan my illustrious career writing out the coding for cartridges and creating CD software. Alas, all good things come to an end.

Today, my goals are far more realistic and they have nothing to do with entertainment. I fully intend to work in research and development. Even if this seems far away from the reasons I entered university in the first place, these new goals aren’t really all that different. I still intend to work with computers and software, even if the reasons for doing so are no longer the same. I want to be able to provide answers to complex problems.

In many ways, this is just like playing a video game. Most games have a finite goal, and so do mathematical equations. There’s a concrete variable to solve for, and in solving for it there are rules that clearly define what steps are permissible to take in doing so. While some people might suggest that’s an unnecessary abstraction layer, it’s the way I’ve chosen to rationalize what’s been a very unique and interesting journey from university into graduate school.

Nevertheless, that shouldn’t be taken to suggest that I don’t consider this work to be extremely serious. I recognize the importance of research more than anyone, but I also feel that I do my best work when I enjoy it. I like to turn mathematics into a game, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. In fact, that’s precisely why I’m planning on entering into graduate school.

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