Your Business Letter of Intent

What Is a Business Letter of Intent?

A business letter of intent could have several different uses but in all cases it is used to indicate your businesses intentions towards another business, organization or even an individual. It could be used for purchasing product, forming a partnership, providing funding and a host of other applications where you may need to make intentions clear before you are able to proceed to a formal contract. Generally a letter of intent for business is used when there is a fairly sizeable sum of money at stake and where there are likely to be delays in getting to the signing of formal contracts for various reasons. These reasons could be anything from performing due diligence before purchasing a company or waiting for the results of testing on prototype parts that you may wish to enter into a long term contract to purchase and sell.

Writing a Business Letter of Intent

You can search for and find a business letter of intent template online but you should of course find one that fits the actual purpose that you need it for; such as a letter of intent for business purchase. You can then use this business letter of intent sample as a basis for writing your own; you must however be fully aware that if you write your letter of intent for business in a manner that is too close to a contract or using language that may possibly interpreted as binding then you may be opening yourself up to problems later should the deal for some reason fall through. A business letter of intent should be non-binding in most areas therefore it should not be enforceable through law and you should not be liable for anything should it not happen. Some clauses are made binding within the document such as for instance confidentiality, if you do not fully understand what you are writing you may make other clauses binding also!

How We Can Write Your Business Letter of Intent

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