Writing Your Letter of Intent to Retire

What Is a Letter of Intent to Retire?

It is good practice to provide your employer with a letter of intent to retire when it comes time for you to hang up your work clothes once and for all. While your employer should know the date of your impending retirement it is best to formally announce your plans to ensure that you will receive all of your benefits that are due. It also reminds your superiors that you will need to be replaced and that your current work will need to be passed on to someone else within the organization to ensure that the company still functions smoothly after you leave.

Your letter of intent to retire is also your opportunity to thank the company and your co-workers for possibly many years of support.

How to Write Your Letter of Intent to Retire

If you asking yourself “how do I write a letter of intent?” then don’t worry, writing your intent to retire letter is not too difficult a job and certainly not one that you need become stressed over. To find how to make a letter of intent you could initially search the internet, you will be able to find many version of a sample letter of intent to retire that you could use as a format for your own letter.

You will however find that there is a huge amount of variation in the samples that you view, after all employees are individuals and every company is different so what needs to be written is different each time. That being said you need to just ensure that you follow just a few rules when writing your letter of intent to retire:

  • State the date when you will retire and why.
  • How glad you have had the opportunity to work for the company, feel free to mention individuals and departments.
  • Tell them that you will help to ensure that your knowledge will be smoothly passed over to your successor.
  • If you wish to still work in a part time capacity tell them.
  • Thank everyone again and promise to keep in touch.

The letter should be formal but friendly in style, after all you want to leave with a smile on your face with good grace.

How We Can Write Your Intent to Retire Letter

Your letter of intent to retire should not be a source of stress to you in the run up to this momentous day; our writing service can help you to write a simple but effective letter of intent that will allow you to retire with a smile on your face with all of your benefits ready when they should be.

Our writers are experienced and skilled at writing letters of intent for many purposes including retirement. They will be happy to support you in writing your letter of intent to retire.