Writing Your Letter of Intent for a Job Application

What Is a Letter of Intent for a Job?

If you have been asked to include a job application letter of intent you may be forgiven for wondering what they are asking for. A more common term is a cover letter for your resume and your letter of intent for a job is exactly this. Your job letter of intent is your opportunity to tell the recruiter why it is that you are interested in this particular position and this specific company while identifying your most relevant experiences and skills. It is your chance to sell yourself to the full, a well written letter of intent for job applications can boost your chances of having your resume read fully and getting yourself called in for that interview.

Writing a Letter of Intent for a Job Posting

The competition for any job is very fierce no matter what part of the world you are in or what industry you work in, jobs are in short supply and employers can take their pick of the best recruits. Your very first chance to impress is with your letter of intent. Job application letters and your resume are the only method you have to sell yourself at this stage and get yourself selected, so a well written letter of intent for a job could make the difference between being selected for an interview and being placed in the “no thanks” pile.

While you may be the best in your field of work are you the best writer? Many people will write their own letters even when they know that there is so much at stake, would it not be more sensible to call in a professional writer that will know exactly how to format your letter of intent job application and sell you in a way that will impress the recruiters? You call in professionals for many other tasks; think about what you stand to gain if you win the job you are applying for and think about whether it is worth employing a professional to help you.

How Our Writers Can Help You

You could search on the Internet for a job letter of intent template but that is not going to help you very much when you consider it is the content of your letter that will win or lose you that interview. Our skilled writers know exactly what buttons to push to trigger the response that you want from the recruiters.

If you would like a professionally written letter of intent for a job that will make you stand out as the very best applicant for that job and make you memorable to the recruiters then look no further than our letter of intent service.