Writing an Employment Letter of Intent

Just What Is an Employment Letter of Intent?

If you are looking for that very special employee and you have gone through the recruitment process and finally settled on one perfect candidate you may wish to provide them with an employment letter of intent. This letter of intent for employment tells your prospective new employee that you have selected them from all of the other candidates and now intent to pursue them for employment to the exclusion of the other candidates. It allows them to relax knowing that they have landed the job and for you to spell out the main parts of the contract before drafting out a legally binding document.

The reason for this intent letter for employment is so that you and your new employee can understand and agree the terms of employment as early as possible to prevent any possible delays or misunderstandings once you have completed the contract for signature.

Writing Letters of Intent for Employment

employment letter of intentIf you go looking for a letter of intent for employment sample on the Internet you will probably find yourself hundreds of very different examples of how you should lay out your letter of intent and what should or should not be included within it. There are no firm strict guidelines as to what you should or should not do, this is not a legally binding document, and you should say so within your letter of intent employment contract. Your letter of intent of employment should be written to reflect your business and your offer of employment in a clear and concise way while still being able to welcome your new employee to their new “home.”

It does need to be carefully written to avoid future misunderstandings and it does need to avoid using language that can be read in more than one way. Using a skilled experienced writer is usually the bet way forward in these cases if you want to avoid any potential future problems.

How We Can Help Write Your Employment Letter of Intent

If you want to avoid any possible future issues and ensure agreement right from the outset you should use an experienced writer employed by a professional service such as ours. Our writers are highly qualified, most hold a full PhD and at least a Masters degree; they are very experienced in all forms of employment letters of intent and can work with you to understand exactly what should be included.

Working with our writers you will be able to quickly and concisely realize a letter of intent that will present your future employee with a clear outline of what will be agreed within their contract. It will also serve to give them the confidence that you are working hard to produce all of the required documentation to secure their employment within an agreed timescale.

For a guaranteed and easy to use letter of intent service that will make your life so much easier get in touch with our top of the league service.