Writing a Letter of Intent to Lease

What Is a Letter of Intent to Lease?

If you are looking to lease a property for business or personal use you may have been asked to provide a letter of intent to lease; you may be wondering just what this letter of intent to lease space is for exactly and what it means to you. Well don’t worry too much, many people today want to make sure that the people that they are going to do business with are serious about what they want and they want some form of formal commitment before they start to spend money on creating contracts and so forth. Your letter of intent to lease is your way of telling them your intentions in writing to give them some confidence to go ahead and draw up formal binding contracts.

How Do You Write Your Letter of Intent to Lease?

Writing a letter of intent to lease commercial space or a letter of intent to lease real estate for personal use is very similar and you will find many different examples on the internet for both; but which are correct? The answer is that they are all correct in some way, your letter of intent lease is not a binding contract but an indication of your intent therefore does not have to contain legal statements. The recipient of your letter of intent however will be looking to see certain types of information contained and they should be asked if they have a specific format that they wish to have used or specific information that they expect to be covered within the letter.

How Our Writers Can Help You Write Your Letter of Intent for Lease

If you are nervous of writing your letter of intent real estate lease or you are still concerned about what you should include come to our professional writers who are highly experienced in this area. Our writers have written many hundreds of letter of intent from a simple letter of intent commercial lease all the way through to a letter of intent to terminate lease. Our writers can walk you through and provide you with help for the whole process.

With their experience they are very well placed to be able to produce the perfect letter of intent to lease which will satisfy the vendor and help you to get your business moving forward or give you some security in knowing where you will be living in the near future.

If you have need of a letter of intent to lease come to us and our letter of intent writers will provide you with exactly what you need quickly and accurately guaranteed.