Write my Investment Letter of Intent

What Is an Investment Letter of Intent?

If you are thinking of investing some of your money into a new business venture or an existing business you should consider the use of an investment letter of intent to get the ball rolling. The letter of intent to invest can spell out all of the various conditions that you require to be fulfilled for you to invest your money in that business so that everything is very clear before any formal contracts are drawn up. These conditions can be things that you have already discussed in depth or they can be conditions that you want them to be aware of before moving forward.

The letter of intent for investment is meant to be a non-binding document which means that if you decide not to go ahead there is little that the recipient would be able to do about it legally. However care needs to be taken regarding the precise wording that you use and what is discussed as some statements and aspects of your letter may be taken as binding even in a court of law.

Writing Your Letter of Intent for Investment

Your letter of investment intent is your letter to the person that wants to use your money spelling out the exact terms that you will be happy to invest that money within. It should contain specific time frames and conditions that should be met as well as what you are offering. If you search online you will be able to find examples of what these documents should look like however each and every one will be different as the conditions under which you are going to invest will be different as will the business in which you will invest. Incorrectly written a letter of intent can be made to be binding.  Therefore unless you have experience yourself in writing intent letters you should defer to an expert as they can ensure that you are protected from being forced to take actions that you do not want to take.

Using Our Writing Service for Your Investment Letter of Intent

Our service is specifically created for the writing of letters of intent; we hire only very experienced writers who know exactly how to write letters of intent in various fields. Your writer will have previous experience of writing investment letters of intent and will be able to work with you to gain all of the clauses and requirements that you will want placing within your letter. Should anything that you want to include have any potential implications they will advise you as to what those implications may be and also suggest ways to better protect yourself should the need arise.

This service is timely, and guaranteed, we internally review every document so that you receive a second opinion should that be required and you will always receive the best. So if you need an investment letter of intent that will protect your interests get in touch today.