I Need to Write a Letter of Intent to Vacate

What Is a Letter of Intent to Vacate?

A letter of intent to vacate is what you use to give notice to your landlord of your intention to leave their property. Within any rolling contract or even a fixed term contract you may be expected to give a period of notice before you leave, normally between 30 and 90 days depending on what you have agreed at the rental stage. You may also be liable for other costs and to make good any alterations or even redecorate depending on the original terms of your lease. Your intent to vacate letter should make reference to these conditions if you are required to although you should take great care in how you word anything lest you over commit yourself.

While a letter of intent should be non-binding legally the use of the wrong style of language could make a statement binding within your tenant intent to vacate letter.

Writing Your Letter of Intent to Vacate

A letter of intent to vacate apartment should be a simple affair and in most cases using an intent to vacate letter template downloaded from the internet should suffice. If however you need something a little more complicated than an intent to vacate apartment letter and you are for instance vacating a commercial building their could potentially be some large sums of money at stake if you should get things wrong. If there are clauses within your contract requiring things such as making good extreme care should be taken when writing your letter of intent to vacate to ensure that you do not agree to doing anything that you may otherwise been able to ignore or negotiate down to a lesser value. It is always worth employing an expert in writing letters of intent if you need to minimize risks and expense.

How Our Service Will Help You to Write Your Letter of Intent to Vacate

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