I Need a Commercial Letter of Intent

What Is a Commercial Letter of Intent?

If you are looking to buy or lease commercial property you may require what is known as a commercial letter of intent. This letter of intent to lease commercial property sets out the terms under which you are willing to operate before you reach the stage of actually writing a binding contract. It is a way to negotiate and agree terms in advance of your formal contract and gives both parties some comfort that things are actually moving forward. It gives you the buyer the understanding that you are the only buyer being negotiated with and it gives the seller the comfort that you are seriously pursuing their property.

Extreme care however needs to be used when using a commercial letter of intent with regards to whether the language that you use is binding or non-binding legally. If you are not careful about how you write or respond to a letter of intent for commercial lease you may end up with conditions being enforced that you were not expecting or agreeing to.

Writing a Commercial Letter of Intent

In many cases writing a commercial letter of intent is a simple matter, especially if the buyer and seller both fully agree on everything and there is a high level of trust between you. You could search for and use examples from the internet around which you could write your commercial real estate letter of intent. You should still take care however over the language that you use so that you don’t make what should be a non-binding agreement into something that will become legally binding.

If you still have some negotiating to do or you feel that there may be areas in which you may not see fully eye to eye then you really must make sure that your commercial letter of intent to purchase or lease is very carefully written. Using the wrong language can be interpreted as making an agreement binding, the same goes for if you reply (or ignore) a letter of intent.

Our Writers Can Write Your Commercial Letter of Intent

To be safe you should always use a professional and experienced service such as ours to write your letter of intent. Commercial letters of intent need to be written by someone who knows exactly which words and phrases need to be used or avoided depending on what outcome you are expecting from your letter/ Our writers have written hundreds of these letters and know precisely what is needed; they will work closely with you to understand the terms that you want detailed and how you want them detailing. They will advise you of any potential issues with you are doing and will ensure that you are fully protected throughout the process.

For a commercial letter of intent that will do exactly the job you want it to do while not over committing you in any way come to our professional and dedicated letter of intent service.