How Do I Write a Letter of Intent to Sue?

What Is a Letter of Intent to Sue?

A letter of intent to sue is a last resort before you actually take legal action against someone. It is a letter that you send prior to starting a law suit in the hope that it will elicit a favorable response before you have to spend money in taking them to court. It should be used in cases such as an unpaid debt or if you have a dispute that you have failed to resolve. You should always try to resolve your problems amicably through letters or conversation before you resort to this step.

Writing a Letter of Intent to Sue

If you are wondering how to write a letter of intent to sue there are a couple of options open to you. Firstly if it is a simple open and shut case then you may wish to use a letter of intent to sue template which you could find online and copy. If you look at an intent to sue letter template on various sites you will see that they vary considerably, this is not too much of a problem for simple cases as you are literally giving the person the facts and asking for a response within a set deadline. It does not matter too much which sample letter of intent to sue that you use as long as it fits your situation. If however the intent to sue letter sample does not fit what you are trying to do or if you fear that there is a risk of a counter legal suit then you may wish to take advice before you send your letter or to use a professional service such as ours.

How We Will Write Your Letter of Intent to Sue

If you feel that there are potentially problems with your sending of your letter of intent to sue and you want to make sure that you have every base covered you will need to use a highly professional letter of intent writing service. Our writing service only employs the best writers; each is educated to the highest levels and they all have extensive experience in writing these letters. Your writer will be expert in writing letters of intent to sue and will know precisely how your letter should be worded for maximum effect without presenting any opportunity for misunderstandings.

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