How Can I Write a Legal Letter of Intent

What Is a Legal Letter of Intent?

A legal letter of intent is an agreement between two parties which is reached before contracts are written and signed. A letter of intent is a simple method of showing intent to proceed on a specific course of action without making it legally binding. It can be used for business agreements, property purchases; in fact anything where there may be a considerable period of time elapsed between agreeing on a course of action and contracts actually being signed.

A letter of intent legal agreement should not be legally binding, however if it is not written correctly and something goes wrong then it can still be challenged in court; therefore care should be taken when you write legal letter of intent.

Writing a Legal Letter of Intent

If you are wondering how to write a legal letter of intent then you are not alone, you could search for a legal letter of intent template online but that may not help if the template does not cover the situation that you find yourself in need of a letter of intent for. Unless you have experience in writing a legal letter of intent it would be best to leave the writing to a professional who understands how they should be written. Some parts of a letter of intent are legally binding depending on how they are written and your writer should be aware of what areas are binding and which are not. They also need to be aware as to how a letter of intent could be construed as binding legally should the deal not go through as planned.

How Our Writers Can Write Your Legal Letter of Intent

Our writers are all higher degree qualified individuals with a huge amount of experience in writing letters of intent for many reasons and applications. They are all aware of the limitations and implications of what they write and are able to write your letter of intent for legal purposes in a way that will meet your needs without over committing you in any way.

Our staff will work with you to understand what you want to include within your letter of intent and will advise you if there are any potential problems with what you want to have written into your agreement.

To ensure that standards are met each legal letter of intent is reviewed by our team to ensure that it meets our standards of quality before you will receive it. Our letter of intent service is timely and fully guaranteed; if you want a well written legal letter of intent get in touch today.