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Letters of Intent

We are a highly specialized writing service that can provide you with a wide range of letters of intent for different purposes. We can supply you with letters of intent for employment and educational purposes and we can also supply various styles of business letter of intent. This can be everything from a letter of intent to purchase a new property to a letter of intent to fund a new business venture. Whatever your letter of intent needs may be we have the experts to fill your needs.

Admission Letters of Intent

Academic letters of intent or personal statements are vital if you want to get yourself accepted into the college that you have chosen to provide the stepping stone into your future career. It is the letter of intent that makes you able to shine as that student of choice and grab that available place. A poorly written letter of intent will not make you stand out and will leave you sat in the reject pile along with the other writers who used tired clichés and unnecessary phrases, Our service can provide you with an attention grabbing letter that will boost your chances of success.

Employment Letters of Intent

There are various situations when you may need to writ an employment letter of intent: seeking employment, requesting to retire, applying for promotion, application to university, asking for a transfer or other such instances. The success and effectiveness of these letters depends on how professionally you write them, how diplomatically you articulate your intentions and how neatly formatted and professionally sounding the letter will be. Our experts can help you make the best possible impression, get your point across or potentially lead to a profitable business deal. An application letter of intent is required by some employers and is much like a cover letter. If you want to maximize your chances of selection for interview then you need to have your letter of intent professionally written. After all how much is a new, rewarding job worth to you?

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Business Letter of Intent

Letters of intent for business purposes can be diverse and they can cover everything from writing a standard letter of intent to purchase a business, a letter or intent to purchase products, form a partnership or for grant applications. Whatever the purpose for writing a letter of intent, it should be done very carefully. Normally large sums of money are at stake and the potential futures of individuals and businesses. These letters of intent to purchase are written to be non-binding to reduce the likelihood of being liable for any penalties or sanctions. If they are written incorrectly they be be used to open litigation against you.

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Writing Non-Binding Letters of Intent

Our skilled writers know what it takes to ensure that your letter of intent is written and remains non-binding. They know what words and terms are not appropriate for letters of intent, to ensure maximum effectiveness. Our skilled writers will never use a letter of intent form template but will write it from scratch! Choose our letter of intent services to propel your career forward!