Letter of Motivation for Internship Guidelines

Applying for an internship is a great way to improve your knowledge and skills of your industry so you should be able to persuade your readers that you are indeed the best applicant for the slot. Since the competition is tough and often very frustrating, you should not let your letter of motivation for internship to be at the bottom file or even worst in the trash can. Your letter of intent must be able to showcase your best assets so that you can grab your reader’s attention. Take note that the first few seconds are crucial for your letter. You should be able to hold your reader’s attention until the end of your letter.

Letter of Intent Writing Tips to Get You Noticed

  1. Make sure that your letter is concise, clear, and well-structured.
  2. Ensure that it contains no errors before you send it to the screening committee.
  3. Limit your letter to only up to four paragraphs as the longest.
  4. Talk about the internship you are applying for in the first or initial paragraph. How did you learn about the admissions?
  5. Talk about your reasons of applying in the institution. Make sure that you’re highlighting the best reasons you’re wishing to get into the organization.  Basically, you should also mention about interest. The second paragraph is usually the longest of all those paragraphs. You have to make the screening committee realize that you are the best candidate for the internship.
  6. In your letter of application, you should be very specific. You should mention your knowledge and skills that are associated with the qualifications or requirements that the institution is looking for in interns. What are your skills which are very important to perform your job sufficiently?
  7. You should also show that you have researched about the institution or company in your letter of interest. This way, you can show reliability and seriousness you have for the job.
  8. In the last paragraph, be able to show interest for an interview.

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