Letter of Intent

What Is a Letter of Intent?

When you enter into a sizeable deal financially there may be many things that have to be finalized before you can move on to creating and signing a contract, everything from gaining board approvals and signatures through to loan approvals. There can therefore be lengthy periods from identifying a potential deal to actually finalizing it and something needs to fill the void between saying you want to go ahead and actually signing a contract. This is where the letter of intent comes in; your letter of intent signifies to the other party your interest and details out your side of the deal. It will also usually detail out time frames and any other conditions that you want placing on the deal such as confidentiality.

Many interested parties will want to see a letter of intent before they begin to work on their side of the deal, for instance the bank may want a copy before they start to draw up papers for your required loan.

While this may sound like a contract it is written in a way that is non-binding legally, although clauses such as confidentiality and your time scales are usually considered binding. A poorly written letter of intent that contains language that is binding or too closely resembles a contract can also be considered binding in a court of law so great care should be taken.

How to Write a Letter of Intent

A letter of intention is a list of your intent with regards to this specific contract and it could cover anything from the purchase of a commercial lease or the forming of a business merger. It will detail out your intended time scale within which you hope to close the deal. It will also detail out any conditions that you wish to have placed on your negotiations such as both parties ceasing to negotiate with other interested parties. Your letter of intents then details out what you consider to be the main parts of the deal such as the amount to be invested. You can find examples of letters of intent online but you will find that every one will be very different as every situation is going to be different.

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How Our Professional Writers Can Help You

Being a dedicated service we know precisely how to write your letter of intent, we know what needs to be included and the language that must be employed to protect you fully at every stage of your negotiations. Our writers are higher degree educated and very experienced in writing these letters of intent. You will work with a writer who has experience in the area in which you are conducting your business; so if you are leasing a commercial property your writer will have extensive knowledge of writing a letter of intent for this purpose. They will work through our service to get all of the information required to write your letter and will quickly present you with your finished article enabling you to progress your business.

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