Letter of Intent Writing

What is a Letter of Intent and Why Do I Need It?

letter of intent writingA letter of intent is similar to a statement of interest or statement of intent. It is usually an important requirement for university applications or other business, professional and personal purposes, encompassing a wide variety of definitions based on the context. There are usually different variations, based on the area of application:

letter of intentAcademic – Also known as a “statement of purpose” or “application essay”, it is a crucial part of most college or undergraduate/graduate university applications and can make the difference between acceptance or rejection into a program.

letter of intentReal estate – Also known as the “intent to purchase”, it is a document intended to notify the owner of a property that there is an interest in purchasing. Any loans, transfers or purchases usually begin with this document as a precursor to further negotiations or acquisitions.

letter of intentSolicitation – Used for the application of government grants and allows staff to use the information to plan a resource schedule.

letter of intentBusiness – To engage potential customers, to list priorities or to allow a prospective purchaser and seller to establish mutually agreed upon terms, conditions or policies.

help with letter of intentA letter of an intent is quite unlike a cover letter because the purpose it serves is to state your “intent” and “purpose” in applying to a particular university program or seeking a job or business deal. Unlike a resume, which just lists your history of accomplishments, a letter of an intent allows you to explain why you would be a great fit for a job or university program and what you are looking to get out of it. A letter of an intent can be a deciding factor upon consideration of all your other qualifications!


Letter of Intent Writing Tips

writing a letter of intentWriting a letters of intent can be difficult because it requires an in-depth analysis of your motivations, goals and career aspirations. It require you to look into the future and describe how you visualize yourself to someone who has no personal knowledge of who you are as a person, except from what they can gauge from your transcript, resume and what you choose to talk about! You not only need to explain that you have goals and interests that make to a great match for a university program or job position, you need to be convincing, sincere and engaging. We offer our letter of an intent writing tips to help you create a letter that will get you considered for a program or position. Not knowing on how to proceed with your letter of an intent writing is completely normal and our letter of an intent writing assistance is available to help you in producing a letter that best represents you and your career. We also feature several letter of an intent samples that can help guide you in writing your own rough draft. Then, we can provide you with some suggestions, corrections and tips on how to improve it further.

Writing a Letter of Intent In Our Hands

letter of intent writing serviceOur letter of an intent writing helper can get your undergraduate/graduate program application or resume considered for acceptance! We want you to succeed in your academic and professional career! We want you to achieve your career aspirations! Writing a letter of intent by us will be effective, engaging, concise and original!

Our letter of an intent writing guide is executed by professional writers who have been hired based on their previous experience, test results and an interview conducted by us. No one can help you better with a letter of an intent than our writers! When you turn to letterofmotivation.net we will take your career to the next level!