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Writing a letter of intent is an important part of an application process, business venture or other personal matters and is not a trifle task. We never hire someone who is inexperienced or unsure of what they are doing to provide our services. There are many different instances in which you may be required to write a letter of intent. A letter of intent is similar to a statement of interest or statement of intent. It is usually an important requirement for university applications or other business, professional and personal purposes, encompassing a wide variety of definitions based on the context. There are usually different variations , based on the area of application:

  • Academic – Also known as a “statement of purpose” or “application essay”, it is a crucial part of most college or undergraduate/graduate university applications and can make the difference between acceptance or rejection into a program.
  • Real estate – Also known as the “intent to purchase”, it is a document intended to notify the owner of a property that there is an interest in purchasing. Any loans, transfers or purchases usually begin with this document as a precursor to further negotiations or acquisitions.
  • Solicitation – Used for the application of government grants and allows staff to use the information to plan a resource schedule.
  • Business – To engage potential customers, to list priorities or to allow a prospective purchaser and seller to establish mutually agreed upon terms, conditions or policies.

Your letter of intent is usually a non-binding agreement and declaration of your intentions, which does not necessarily require you to legalize the document using terminology that may be interpreted otherwise. A letter should be written using general terms and delve into specifics only when referring to relevant examples to make a point. If you write a letter of intent that reads too much like a contract or contains phrases that may be considered binding you may find yourself open to legal litigation It is therefore vital that you have your letter written or edited by an expert service to avoid any compromising situations!

How to Write a Letter of Intent

Writing a letter of intent is a professional’s job. While there are many samples of letters available online, you should take care in using them for any high-stakes situations and use them for reference only. A poorly written letter of intent can leave you open to future litigation in business or can prevent you accessing important funds when applying for a grant. Writing a letter of intent is generally very different every time depending on the situation and intent and therefore it needs careful thought, planning and guidance to write them.

Using Our Expert Professional Writers for Writing a Letter of Intent

The best place to receive expert guidance is a dedicated service such as ours. We specialize in writing letters of intent for all situations and employ the very best professionals for this purpose. Every one of our writers is a holder of a higher degree and has a great deal of experience in the writing of letters of intent. They know exactly how to phrase your letter and what relevant information needs to be included. Writing a letter of intent through our service will ensure that you are fully satisfied and receive a polished document. So before you start writing a letter of intent, think about the implications if a letter is not effective in its intended purpose. Protect yourself and your business and employ our professional letter of intent services who will work with you to write a clear, effective statement that will give you results!