How to Write a Letter of Motivation

Your letter of motivation is your key to gaining a successful application in a university, college, or job. However, this can also become a make or break thing for you if you wouldn’t work hard to make an impressive motivation letter. Today’s post will help you with some needed tips that you need to make an outstanding letter of intent. Your letter is what will accompany your resume or CV. This is your statement of purpose which can lay out your purpose for applying. For this reason, show your sincerity and your assets in applying for a job, internship, or university.

What’s the Main Goal of Your Letter of Intent Writing?

You should know that your goal is to impress your reader to realize that you are the best applicant for the slot. For this reason, putting your best foot forward in this letter of application can make the big difference. If you would like to increase your chances of getting hired or accepted, put your mind into the goal of winning and impressing the reader of your letter of intent writing.

The Layout of Letter of Interest

Think that your layout should be in the formal business letter one. This case, you should think of the professional format and layout which include your contact details and address, which should come right under your name. Your letter of application should be aligned left when it comes to the name and function of the office you’re writing to. It must be better if you would know the specific person to address your letter to. If you don’t know it, it would be better that you would research through phone, email, or the internet.

The Letter of Application Structure

The letter of motivation must have four paragraphs at maximum. You should first write that you’re applying and write about how you had the information about this opening. In the final paragraph, do not forget to mention your availability for the interview and your contact details. This is a good way to indicate a follow up.  In the second paragraph, you should list down all your qualifications and skills, showing that you’re the right applicant for the position. The third paragraph should highlight your intentions to apply.

There you have what you need to know about the letter of motivation. You should remember these tip if you want to make yourself unforgettable to win the slot. Otherwise, you can let a professional letter of intent writer do it for you.

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