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If you are looking to conduct business with an individual or any company you may be asked to provide a letter of intent. The letter of intent outlines your intention to do business and is a starting point towards outlining an agreement contract between parties, usually within some specified time frame or based on certain conditions. A non-binding letter of intent demonstrate your full intentions to all parties involved while allowing you the flexibility to back out without penalty, should things not progress in the way you expected. These business letters of intent are usually needed where there is a certain timeline between the the drafting of the contract and the actual acquisition. Many individuals prefer to know the intentions or motivations behind an agreement and wish to see that a purchaser shows due diligence with some kind of formal commitment in writing towards making the purchase; even if that commitment is non-binding.


Using a Letter of Intent Form

There are many letter of intent forms that you can find online and which can be used as a template for your own personal letter of intent. You should however ensure that you select a relevant letter of intent form that reflects the transaction that you are undertaking as there are many. Always select the form of letter of intent that is closest to meeting your specific area of interest, whether business, solicitation, university applications, etc. Also, any form is only to be used as a general outline to meet your specific purposes and should not be looked upon as an easy-fix. A poorly written or adapted form can result in many problems. A letter of intent should be strictly non-binding (not enforceable in law), yet if you incorporate the wrong wording it can easily become a binding statement that could be used against you. Be careful of what you write!

Using Our Superior Writing Service for Your Letter of Intent

To protect yourself and to ensure that a letter of intent form remains non-binding consider hiring an expert writer or editor that knows precisely how to prevent these problems. Our specialized, skilled writers have experience in writing letters of intent for a variety of different applications. Whatever the specific type of letter of intent you require, we have a qualified writer on staff with significant experience in that area. They will be able to write you a flawless letter of intent that will protect your interests while promoting your business interests.