How Can a Letter of Intent Example Help Me?


Why Do You Need a Letter of Intent?

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Example of professionally written letter of intent

If you are looking to make a large investment or a significant purchase that is going to take some time to negotiate or process, you may be expected to provide a letter of intent. Your letter of intent describes what you want and demonstrates commitment. This provides a potential seller or buyer with an assurance of confidence as to your intentions. Institutions such as banks, for instance, may be reluctant to approve a loan in principle for a business until there is a business plan along with a short letter of intention to complement it. The letter of intent is usually non-binding which means that should you decide not to follow through for any reason, no legal sanctions or civil suites are applicable, since a contract was never created and signed. However, when writing your business letter of intent be sure to choose your phrases carefully and beware of using legally compromising phrases along with the inclusion of an official signature.


How to Write Your Letter of Intent

The use of a letter of intent example is probably by far the easiest guide on how to write a letter of intent. You can search for and find examples of letters of intent formats online which will fit the specific type of letter of intent criteria that you require. However, while browsing through several letter of intent examples, you will find that each example letter of intent will vary in format, content and structure depending on the specific purpose. This is because each example of letter of intent will have been written for a specific purpose. You must use choose the ones most applicable and use them as reference only.

The above example of a letter of intent is provided for the sole purpose of outlining all the general elements that need to be included. Under no circumstance should it be used as a template. Therefore if you want to use an example of a letter of intent choose the one that fits closest to what you are trying to state and attempt to come up with a personalized statement of your intentions. Another option is to ask for the organization or institution for an example of a letter of intent that they expect to see, rather than spend hours searching on the internet.


How Our Writers Can Make Your Life Easier

Our company specializes in writing letters of intent and we have highly experienced, skilled writers who are knowledgeable in writing a diverse range of letters. The writer that will be selected to work on your order will possess a degree and have previous experience writing letters of intent for the purposes that you require. They will acquire the information that will be required to write your letter of intent by questioning you directly so that they can write your personalized letter. They will ensure that the content will not become binding by avoiding content that makes your letter look like a contract. They know how to write your letter of intent precisely while protecting your interests. If you need to write a letter from scratch or are unsure of your rough draft based on aletter of intent example and want a professional to write it or edit it for you, get in touch with us today!