Help with Letter of Continued Interest for Law School

Applying for letter of continued interest law school is one of the things you are looking to become successful in your career goals. However, there are certain guidelines you would need in order to achieve the results you are looking for. In the letter of continued interest law school, here are some tips you can follow to have a fruitful application.

Tips for Writing Law School Letter of Continued Interest

  1. Tell why this institution is the perfect choice and is the best for your career improvement. You should also state our background and interest so that you can show why you are so interested to take part in the organization.
  2. Let the committee know what improvements you did since you have filed your application. You can show something unique like an experience. You must not include those things that you have already stated in your letter of application.
  3. If you have already been to the law school, you can also show your interest why you want to attend it. If you haven’t visited the school, then it might be a good option to visit so you can have a glimpse of the school you wish to attend to.
  4. If you are deferred, you can write this letter as soon as possible upon getting the news.
  5. You should write specifically to the person who is named in the deferral notice. If you cannot find any specific name, just address the letter to the admission dean’s office.
  6. Limit your letter to only one-page.
  7. Do not forget to proofread and edit your paper.

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