FAQs On How To Write motivation Letter

FAQs on how to write motivation letter are here to answer all those burning questions on motivation letter writing. Ask the question and our professionals will give you a straight answer.

  1. Do I always need to submit my motivation letter?

motivation letter writingYes. A well written and compelling motivation letter increases the chances of your resume being reviewed, and a strong, tailored resume increases the likelihood of your being offered an interview. If an internship or job listing does not indicate that a motivation letter is required, take the initiative and send one anyway. An employer will recognize and appreciate your professionalism and enthusiasm for the position or organization.

  1. When and why should I follow up after submitting my motivation letter and resume?

motivation letter writingIt is appropriate to follow up with an employer in 7 – 10 days to confirm receipt of your application material and to inquire about where the employer is in the hiring process. Unless the position listing discourages phone calls, you may contact the employer via email or phone. If you do not have the employer’s contact information research the organization’s website or call the main number and ask to be transferred to the appropriate person.

  1. How many times should I follow up with the same employer after submitting my motivation letter?

motivation letter writingFollow-ups can be tricky because you want to demonstrate your genuine interest and enthusiasm for the position without annoying the employer. Generally, one follow up attempt should suffice. If you send an email or leave a voice mail, you should state your reason for writing or calling and then invite the employer to contact you for more information or to schedule an interview. If, after one month or so, you notice that the position is still advertised, you may follow up one more time to reiterate your interest and qualifications.

  1. What format should I use in writing a motivation letter?

motivation letter writingGo to our “how to write a motivation letter” and read more about how to format your motivation letter. It is supposed to be left justified. Review also our “sample” page for more options on recommended formats. In case you need a statement of purpose for internship, that’s where you can find a great assistance online.

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