Best Donor Solicitation Letter Samples

donor solicitation letter

The donor solicitation letter should present your purpose of why you are asking for certain donations to donors. You need to know what your main aim is so that you can easily create the letter without having a hard time. You need to address what you want to happen in the donation, when you will use it and for what cause it will given whether for children, teens or adults. Being specific on this is important so be sure that you know your purpose.

donor solicitation letter
What Donor Solicitation Letter Should Have

The letter should be simple providing information on how long should the letter last. Think whether you want to have a two page or half page. Think of what details you want to include such as your organization statistics and others. You can tell how the funds helps your organization, why they need to give or help, what kinds of program they are giving to, where the donations went and do as well as how many individuals will be benefitted. The details must need to be easy to find and transparent. You need to describe why you asking for the donation and explain. There are other things that you can include but make sure it is necessary or with sense.

donor solicitation letter tip
Tips in Writing Donor Solicitation Letter

  • Be specific: Address what you want whether a cash gift worth 10,000 dollars or an auction item. You need to be specific because donors will not give more than of what you ask but they will still give you if you ask for specific and reasonable amount. Make sure you provide your contact details.

  • Summarize your mission: You need to summarize about your mission for the donor to know what your aims are and what your organization all about is.

  • Where the donations will go: Of course, they will not give money without knowing where the money should go.

To sum it up, searching for sample of solicitation letters for donations is needed when you do not know how you will create it. Start to check sample and don’t waste your time to write the letter you need.

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