Best Approaches to Architecture Statement of Intent Writing

There are tips you can have to create a good architecture statement of intent. On the other hand, if you want to have a good statement, then it is important that you follow some tips that will help you to create a wonderful letter.

Tips on Creating Architecture Statement of Intent

  • Mention what is your purpose. This means that you have a clear understanding why you want to further your career.
  • Mention of what area you want to have specialization. You should choose the area you are good.
  • Determine your plans and career goals. This is one of the important information you need to include in your statement.
  • Mention what academic background and extracurricular experience you gained. This is your chance to show you have a good background which makes you a good candidate.

Things the Committee Would Like to See in Your Statement of Intent Architecture

  • Information about your personality: State only facts and be sure you effectively demonstrate your good personalities.
  • Work experience and academic background: Talk about your school records and what extraordinary you did while you are studying.
  • Motivation and commitment: You should clearly explain that you are highly motivated and committed to your chosen career.
  • Communication skills: The committee will look at your writing skills and how did you present yourself intelligently and clearly.

Writing Structure When It Comes to Statement of Intent Architecture

  • Introduction: In this part, it is where you will tell why you want to study at their university and why did you choose engineering.
  • Body: It is where you will explain the research you had done. You can include work experience if you have and what kind of work it is. It is about designing, testing and researching? Aside from this, make sure you mention why you want to pursue your education. Plus, you can include any information you want just be sure it is relevant to engineering.
  • Closing: You can end your statement of intent architecture by summarizing your statement. Do not forget to create a big impact closing that will grab the attention of the committee.

You can only satisfy the committee if you do well in making your statement. If you failed to provide them the statement they are looking for, it only means that you are not qualified to be part of them. In this case, always do your best in making your architecture statement of intent.

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